The Coffee Shop

Portland Contea di Multnomah OR

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The Coffee Shop is located in Travertis square near the Skidmore Fountain, inside a 19th century building. It is as much popular among locals as for tourists. It was also famous in the late 19th century for hosting the secret society called "the University of the rebels", and to this day, The Coffee Shop has maintained its rebellious reputation, with the organization of monthly assemblies to discuss issues ranging from climate change to cultural diversity.

The Coffee Shop also boasts a literary and artistic history as it was favoured by artists from its early days. Nowadays, The Coffee Shop frequently sets up book signing and art exhibitions. Plus, if you visit it during the day, you will most likely find students from the nearby Art School spending several hours sketching behind the beautiful glass windows of The Coffee Shop.
The Coffee Shop also offers fine dining. Booking is recommended.

Open Tuesday through Sunday, 9am-2pm.