Muhola bar

Knoxville Knox County TN

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Muhola bar is considered the beating indie heart of Knoxville. 

Here you can find any kind of foreign drink, food and people. 

It has been founded in 2001 by Muhola Ridge, a nice young lady from Minnesota.

During the years the bar has been closed and opened again a couple of times, due to federal investigation. But the Indie comunity of Knoxville always paid Muhola's bills so that the indie music could come back in the city. A typical example of the strength that people of Knoxville have when it comes to protect their community.

Knoxville has been very influence by Rock and Roll and Electronic music during the years. The Muhola bar is indeed the only place in town dedicated to Indie music.

A live show is promised every friday and saturday night. 

The bar is instead open every day, from 4:00 p.m. until 3:00 a.m.

If a show is not planned, you will be able to jump on stage and perform, using the instruments provided by the bar. 


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