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10629 Lexington Dr Hardin Valley

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We have 5,000 square feet of indoor and outdoor play areas for dogs to do what they do best; run around and have fun.  With our cage-free option, your dog can go outside anytime to go potty or cool off in the pool and then come back in for playtime or snuggles with our caregivers.  (pending behavior evaluation)

We're proud to offer you and your pet a daycare and boarding facility that is friendly, safe, clean and stimulating; where your pet will have trained staff ready to give them more love and attention than they would ever receive from a standard kennel.  We only have one rule for dogs:  Play Nice!

We believe that a cage-free environment is ideal for minimizing stress and anxiety while your pet is away from you.  However, for some dogs, constant socialization can be over-stimulating and may bring out unwanted behavior.  By providing a secluded place for dogs to rest when they need it, we are able to maintain a happy, safe environment for everyone.