The Chico Caliente

2345 N Broadway Oakwood

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The Hottest restaurant in Knoxville.

If you're not afraid of spicy food, a trip to The Chico Caliente might change your mind!

Owned by the  Mexican community of Knoxville, this restaurant is a real cult destination for foodies.

Chili, fajitas, barbecued pork, and more. Everything available in normal or super portions.

A real food fight is organized every week, and the winners are forever displayed on the wall behind the bar, like Olympic champions.

Mama Sofia is the proud owner of the restaurant. She is 78, and still cooks every single meal that leaves her kitchen.

The restaurant is open 24/7. The dishes are cheap and the ambience very casual. Not the best place for a fancy date, but you can be sure you'll have fun with Mama Sofia and her Cico Caliente.


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