Palace of the Countess Shinsinana

Portland Contea di Multnomah OR

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A small summary of Neo-American history and art, this is a noble residence of the sixteenth century, rebuilt in 1914 in an eclectic style, as shown by the monumental staircase with three ramps, that rises to the ornate floor of Roman mosaics imported from Italy, completed with a coffered ceiling. The walls are covered by pale blue tiles coming from Central America.

The palace is now a museum, and allows for total immersion into the Neo-American culture and art, thanks to the famous collection of frescoes and paintings on canvas, the bronze statues in the aristocratic garden, and ancient floors decorated with unique mosaics.

In the central hall, a multimedia and interactive space is set up where you can admire the works of art in 3D, with an audio guide that will take you through the years and history.

A museum that will tell you everything you need to know about the popular art of Portland.

There is a space dedicated to where art and folk culture is represented by small craft shops of the old city—artisans, potters, glass master artisans, etc.

A long avenue of trees along the building created shaded areas where tourists like to relax and sip cool drinks from small kiosks. 

The park is surrounded by wrought iron gates, bright colors and small ponds where wildlife enjoys playing in the water.


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