Forest Park

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The Forst Park is one is amandatory destination for the lovers od the wildlife. It is the home of more than 112 bird and 62 mammal species. 

The park serves as a natural air purifier, water collector, and erosion controller. 

The Wildwood Trail insite the Forest Park connects Forest Park to the pedestrian and trail routes along the Columbia River, the Willamette Greenway, and the Marquam Trail. 

In the heart of this park we can find the beautiful Stone House. This structure was built in the mid-1930s by the Works Progress Administration as a public restroom. 

The structure had been heavily vandalized over the years, the decision was made to gut the building rather than embark on costly repairs. It remains as a favorite spot to rest along the trail.

What to do?

The Forset Park is the prefect place where to spend the sunday morning, waliking in the pure and green lung of Portland.

The park offers various pic nick areas, with barbercue and table sets. 

During the sunnies day, many portlanders meet up in the exercise area, to train together. Run, yoga, and other free body exercies.

The guards of the park, frequntly organize brids watching sessions. They are totally free but you need to book the section at the Forest Park office, or calling the 0674038572.


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